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Enduro Genetics raises 470,000 EUR preseed

Enduro Genetics - Logo white

Copenhagen, Denmark, December 2nd 2020


The Danish biotech company Enduro Genetics raises a 470,000 EUR pre-seed from the Nordic biotech incubator, the BioInnovation Institute in Copenhagen.

Enduro Genetics simplifies the challenging transition of bioprocesses from R&D stage to large-scale production. Partnering with established and upcoming biotech companies, Enduro Genetics offers the platform technology EnduroSense to make microbial production organisms more easily scale.

Today, bio-based manufacturing companies access the first generation of EnduroSense to improve their new and existing bioprocesses. With the admission to the BioInnovation Institute, Enduro Genetics is gearing up to broadly roll out the technology to the industrial biotech industry, scaling up and optimizing the fermentation processes.

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"Too many bright and promising biotech ideas made with cells face a challenge with maintaining high production all the way to commercial scale"

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says co-founder Peter Rugbjerg, Enduro Genetics. "We see this pre-seed as an important validation of our potential, and we are excited about seeing it work in a growing number of industrial bioprocesses."


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"We are already implementing the first generation of our self-selecting fermentation technology EnduroSense with our early partners."

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says co-founder Christian Munck, Enduro Genetics. "Now, we will continue to improve the technology to offer more off-the-shelf improvements and show the advantage of this technology."

EnduroSense is an off-the-shelf new microbial optimization technology that turns cells into the most productive version of themselves for long time periods. EnduroSense keeps high-producing cells in the population even as cells divide for more than 30 cell generations typically involved in larger-scale bioproduction.

EnduroSense is based on technology spun out from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and developed with support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and DTU.

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