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Enduro Sense - the future of bioproduction

Biological production exerts a burden on the producing cells. This burden favorizes faster growing lower-producing cells that emerge spontaneously. 

Over time, lower-producing cell variants are enriched in the fermentation tank, thereby compromising efficient bio-based production at scale.

Our technology prevents declining production at scale by 'addicting' the cells to high production. We call our technology Enduro Sense and it significantly improves production strain performance – in any organism and at every scale.

What we offer

Enduro Sense

Enduro Sense is a genetic plugin that couples high production levels to growth – effectively making the production strain addicted to the production of the desired product. Enduro Sense has two primary effects:

  1. Enduro Sense makes the cell population consist of more higher producing cell variants, increasing the baseline yield and titer. 

  2. Enduro Sense maintains the elevated production level throughout the fermentation. 

This sustains bio-based production over long time scales and results in higher-producing cells.

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Seamless integration

Enduro Sense can be integrated seamlessly into existing, commercial strains or can be used right from the drawing board, providing a flexible approach to scale up of up high-production strains. Enduro Sense does not require any changes to the cultivation medium, ensuring a simple incorporation into existing processes.


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Higher process yield at scale

Get more out of existing bioprocesses by keeping high-producing strains in the fermentor -increasing yield, titer, rate, and reproducibility.

Enduro Sense is free of antibiotic resistance genes, making handling more compliant, easy and safe.

Antibiotic independence

Enable difficult processes

Production of complex or cellular inhibit products is easier when strain instability is overcome.

Expedited strain development

Enduro Sense accelerates the strain development process through selection of stable and high-producing strains that will succeed during the scale-up phase.

Working with Enduro

Getting started with Enduro Sense is easy. Integration of the Enduro Sense plugins can either be done on client’s site or by Enduro. Contact us today to learn more about implementing Enduro Sense.

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We offer flexible partner models that allow you to move fast forward and retain ownership.
We offer ultra-deep DNA sequencing of fermentation samples to quantify genetically driven production decline.
We understand the importance of conforming to desired data safety regulations and regulatory requirements.
The Science
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Conventional bioproduction

Enduro Genetics - graph showing conventional bioproduction with production (g/L) versus fermentation scale (cell generations)
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Enduro Genetics - graph showing Enduro Sense bioproduction with production (g/L) versus fermentation scale (cell generations)

Using Enduro Sense, cells maintain their productive state longer, creating a more homogenous population and higher yield.

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Works for all product types

As platform, Enduro Sense is product independent, allowing us to generate plugins that are responsive to most types of bioproducts.



Enduro Genetics - Nature article - Diverse genetic error modes constrain large-scale bio-based production
Enduro Genetics - PNAS article - Synthetic addiction extends the production life time of engineered Escherichia coli populations
Rugbjerg et al, 2018. Synthetic Product Addiction Extends the Productive Lifetime of Engineered Escherichia coli populations. PNAS

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Enduro Genetics WIPO patent - A System for Improved Fermentation Titers

WO2017055360A1 A System For Improved Fermentation Titers
Incl. US11352650B2, US12031170B2

WO2021160854A1 Burden-addicted Production Strains
WO2023021151A1 Burden-addicted Production Strains

Meet the Team

Christian Munch



Board of Directors

Enduro Genetics - Niels Peder Nielsen
Niels Peder Nielsen

Chair person

Enduro Genetics - Thomas Videbæk
Thomas Videbæk

Board Member

Enduro Genetics - Ejner Bech Jensen
Ejner Bech Jensen

Board Member

      Niels Peder Nielsen

  • Board member Noon Ventures and Mark Information, Senior advisor Bain & Company

  • Previously deputy CEO of the Novo Nordisk Foundation and partner at Bain & Company

  • MSc. MIT, Sloan School of Management

      Thomas Vide​bæk

  • Former COO Novozymes A/S and executive VP: Strategy and business transformation, Novozymes A/S

  • Chairman of the Board of Protera

  • Board Member Fenix Metals, Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd, Lyras

  • Former board member Evolva AG

  • MSc. Eng, PhD. Technical University of Denmark

      Ejner Bech Jensen

  • Former VP Novozymes and Novo Nordisk heading R&D within microbe, enzyme and biopharma biotechnology research and process dev.

  • Former President of Novo Nordisk Biotech in California.

  • MSc CheEng DTU

Enduro Genetics - Peter Rugbjerg
Peter Rugbjerg



Enduro Genetics - Christian Munch

      Peter Rugbjerg

  • CSO and Co-founder, Enduro Genetics

     Christian Munch

  • CEO, Enduro Genetics

  • Previously SVP, New Business & Global Business Development, ALK-Abelló

  • Former Director New Business, Novozymes

  • MSc. Economics and Business administration, Copenhagen Business School

Scientists and support

Business development




Open positions

Director of microbial strain engineering

Team leader in CHO cell engineering

Student laboratory assistant

We always invite unsolicited applications from molecular biology and fermentation scientists to
If you are interested in an internship or a student project, please contact us with an email subject containing "intern" or "student project".



Relying on living organisms, bioproduction can be difficult to scale to large volumes while maintaining titers high. By applying game-changing synthetic biology technology, we empower our partner companies to maximize performance of all cells cultivated from their production strains. By programming cells to maintain high production, we increase competitiveness of current and future green bioproduction.


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Enduro is an independent service and tech provider committed to improving large-scale fermentations.


Contact us at or +45 93 93 55 80.

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